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Musical Instrument Transportation for Orchestras

The Gentle Art Of Transporting Musical Instruments

With over 30 years aviation experience working on your behalf, our loadmasters will analyse your musical instrument lists and advise on the most suitable aircraft for your touring requirements, whether it is a single unit capable of carrying both passengers and instruments or separate passenger and freight aircraft.

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Safe Musical Instrument Transportation

Over the years, we have become known as one of the most trusted and reputable charter broking companies in the orchestral music industry. With our hands-on approach, dedicated point of contact, and creative solutions, our clients are able to sleep easy at night knowing that they are in the hands of people that actually care about their musical instrument air freight as much as they do. From full charter aircraft to schedule service part space we are in tune with the orchestra members needs and dedicated to ensuring that they remain stress-free.

Correct Aircraft Hold Temperature For Instruments

Apart from the peace of mind we offer, we can also arrange to have the hold set at the correct temperature for your large instruments that otherwise may suffer in the cold hold.

Personalised Service

Your musical instruments are precious.  We understand this.  Over the years we’ve met many musicians who never let their instruments out of their sight.  But we also know that it is impractical to carry a Double-Bass or a Tuba everywhere on the orchestra’s tour. That is why we offer you our personalised instrument transport service.

Logistics For Musical Instruments

We communicate with you to arrange for your instruments to be delivered ahead of time, so when your orchestra arrives at the concert hall or venue, your instruments are there, safe and ready to be played.

Musical Instruments In The Cargo Bay
Instruments Packed & Ready in Cargo Bay

The Benefits to You

  • 24 hour, 365 days a year service, total commitment to our clients.
  • Our professional staff have extensive experience gained from across the Airline and Airport industry, meaning that you get the benefit of our expert knowledge.
  • Our extensive aircraft database enables us to provide rapid costs and suitability for your requirement.
  • Our buying power with airlines means that you get the best available price.
  • Total support, we oversee the check-in and flight dispatch and also provide experienced flight managers to travel with you. This ensures that the programme runs smoothly from start to finish, allowing you to concentrate on the ground programme for your event.